A Place where Amazing things Get Done!

Our office space really is our work station. It is our goal to schedule time for our clients and yet keep our work station as distraction free as possible. So let's set up a meeting were we can give you the focus you deserve.

Don't hesitate if you are further away. We have remote clients in places like Regina and Vancouver. Our business is set up to successfully manage accounts from any location.

19 Years in Business

Communication Design is always evolving. Our Business strives to keep up with the latest in trends and technology to bring our clients a more professional result.

Timelines and Organization

Important to your business, important to ours. It has become one of the most important business practices we adhear to and results in great service and customer relations.

Business Hours

  • We never have had regular work hours. This flexibility allows us to work hard when it is required and enjoy other aspects of life when things slow down. Although we do ask that you mind the time when calling the office. If it's outside of "regular office hours", shoot us an email and we will get back to you shortly.
  • Sunday - Always Family Day

Our Contact Info

  • Address: Box 36, Langham, SK. S0K 2L0
  • Phone: (306) 715-4181
  • Email: lynda@hiddenattic.ca
  • Email: greg@hiddenattic.ca